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About Lynn McKenzie

As a natural born leader, intuitive, healer, teacher, author, and speaker, Lynn has helped thousands of seekers awaken their connection to spirit and step into their divine power. She was guided to bring her gifts forth in a new and exciting way and combine them with her proven business, marketing and Internet savvy to offer her Fast Track to 6-Figures mentor program to help extraordinary soul-based entrepreneurs make quantum leaps in their businesses.

A serial entrepreneur, Lynn has created several 6-figure businesses. She has been consulting professionally since 1993 and coaching professionally since 2005. She loves to work with conscious, creative women entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and shine their light; women who have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, offering their deeply transformative life and business changing work, while at the same time truly valuing themselves, and earning what they’re worth. 

Lynn is a certified Money Marketing and Soul® Coach, Niche Breakthrough Secrets Coach, and is a member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching.  She is also a certified graduate of Coach Training Alliance.

Lynn knows what it takes to be successful as a spirit-led entrepreneur and employs proven, cutting edge new paradigm business tools to create awesome results for her clients.

With a heartfelt connection to the Southwest, Lynn is an avid hiker, dog lover, accomplished horsewoman, renowned animal intuitive, and nature lover. She has been on a personal development and spiritual growth path for over 30 years and continues to learn voraciously.



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"Lynn's intuitive gifts and ability to 'read' people are a priceless combination!"
Kendall SummerHawk

"I've known Lynn's work for years. She is authentic and true to her vocation."
Colette Baron-Reid

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